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Best Self Monitored Home Security System To Secure Your Home Now


I see a lot of security systems today, we consider some of the top options people often ask what's the best security system? Which one should I buy?

The real answer is as no one-size-fits-all answer but there is better security systems and better security companies for different situations or four different shoppers for instance some of the wireless home security companies are specially set up for convenience of renters who prefer portability and no contracts or shorter contracts for professional monitoring and security alerts.

Other security companies have more people to homeowners who plan to stay in one home. Here we assigned overall rankings to home security companies that also break down our rankings into several categories.

We look at the available equipment and features the prices for equipment and monitoring any monitoring contracts and extra fees and customer service.

Customer service is important to keep in mind here even if it's not normally one of your top consideration to the shopper comparing the features of home security systems is more interesting but when the features are comparable customer service can make the difference in terms of your peace of mind and in terms of how well your home is actually protected.


So when it comes to customer service what has safe own orgs found one of our top ranked companies is FrontPoint from points core is extremely well in all categories on our site.

It is a system that combines comprehensive functionality and a good value honestly some of their competitors are high pressure. When you call in just to explore options but from point doesn't stress shoppers out there phone agents stand out as really just trying to help you find a smart solution for your home security.

Their systems help protect against criminals and environmental threats plus they can automate lights locks and other home systems. If you choose from point you will sign a contract but you can opt for a shorter commitment and if your needs should unexpectedly change they're more reasonable than lots of competitors in terms of not charging you for services.

Lync interactive

You don't need another great company in terms of customer service is Lync interactive. With Lync interactive a contract is optional but unlike FrontPoint you pay for the equipment upfront.

Lync offers the same name features as from point meaning protection against home invasion and environmental damage plus the commune's and home automation such as smart home control over your life.

Today some point link our two top choices in terms of customer service on self installed systems FrontPoint and Lync interactive our top ranked companies for shoppers who want to do it yourself set up they use control panels and sensors that communicate wirelessly.

So installing a system is easy even if electronics aren't your thing but what if you'd rather have professional installation to leaders in the pro installation category our ADT Pulse and the visit their security systems are wireless as well. So like some point Lync they won't require cutting into your walls but each ADT Pulse or riveting system is installed by company technician.

So a key difference here is professional installation versus do-it-yourself.


Vivint stands out in the category of home automation they make it easy to automate your lights control energy with smart thermostats and even use smart locks on your home's front and
back doors.

As you might with your car and you also get control over our wide range of systems with a remote control key fob a mobile app and your main control panel some point and ADT DIY systems can support the same options by the way but you won't get as much equipment upfront at no cost.

Vivint ADT Pulse and FrontPoint control panels can support the whole range of home automation devices as well with these companies you get the freedom to incorporate any automation device that uses z-wave technology.

You can get these features with FrontPoint but you'll set them up yourself and important the difference to note between ADT Pulse and didn't both being professionally installed is that the end of a contract with ADT you own your equipment and can switch to another monitoring company if you like with even the equipment is proprietary and can only be monitored by a vivints also while living stands out for automation.

Over all ADT Pulse earned special mention for their MedicAlert system with most other companies a life call system is generally only effective within a short range of the base station but with ADT Pulse you can some an emergency medical health nationwide or at least from anywhere their cell radio network can be reached.

ADT  and Vivint stand out for home automation and other advanced features a drawback though with both of these companies especially long contracts. This brings us to two other top-ranked choices first live watch with live watch you can use pretty advanced equipment but cancel your contract anytime simply safe.

We simply say if you'll pay for equipment upfront but there's no contract required and if you choose you can pay for monitoring once a month their equipment isn't quite as sleek or as modern as what you'll get with from live watch and the others.  I've mentioned and they don't yet support as many
features such as video security and home automation but you will get good essential home security equipment as well as environmental protection like alerts about smoke and carbon monoxide.

One more important point is that with all of these companies mobile apps are available and most people who get new alarm systems nowadays are using these apps as their primary way of controlling their system instead of using the traditional control panel.

So you might want to make sure that you're comfortable with whatever apps are available we've reviewed some exciting options in home security the companies.

 I've mentioned effectively fill a wide range of needs whether you want a basic or advanced coverage a dual yourself system or security equipment with professional installation here I've mentioned the number of favorite companies FrontPoint and Lync interactive ADT Pulse and didn't simply safe and livewatch there might not be one best option for everyone

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Top 10 People Who Passed Away Trying To Break World Records


Records are made to be broken – but should they be at any cost? Welcome to Agency-Broker.blogspot.com, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 people who passed away trying to break world records.

For this list, we’re looking at those people who tragically passed away while attempting to beat a world record, whether their own or someone else’s. The person may have died during the actual attempt or in the hospital after the fact – as long as the cause of death stems from the failed attempt, it will be counted.

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We’ll also only be including officially recognized world records, so ambitious feats that technically don’t have world records will not be included.

10. Bill Warner

Bill Warner was a well-respected motorcycle racer, and he liked to go fast. In 2011, he set the land speed record for a conventional motorcycle, reaching 300 mph on a 1.5-mile track. After achieving this tremendous feat, Warner attempted to reach 300 mph in a single mile and planned to retire from motorcycle racing immediately afterwards.

During his 2013 attempt, he seemingly lost control of his bike after getting to 285 mph. Warner struck a landing light pedestal, which sent him and the motorcycle flying. While he was conscious following the crash, he later died in the hospital from his injuries.

9. Nick Piantanida

Piantanida was an amateur parachute jumper who was determined to set the record for highest parachute and free fall jump. This involved achieving insane heights in a hot air balloon before jumping. His February 1966 attempt was scratched due to an oxygen line problem; he would’ve at least been recognized for reaching a record 123,500 feet in his balloon, but a technicality disqualified him.

In May 1966, Piantanida planned to jump from 120,000 feet; however, his suit depressurized at 57,000 feet, and his control center was forced to activate the gondola’s emergency parachute. Piantanida suffered massive tissue damage and lapsed into a coma. He died in the hospital four months later.

8. Donald Campbell

Donald Campbell is without a doubt one of the greatest land speed record holders of all time. During the ‘50s and ‘60s, Campbell broke eight speed records. He also set both the land and water records in one year – the only man in history to do so. In 1967, Campbell attempted to reach 300 mph on water.

After reaching an astounding 328 mph, his Bluebird craft took to the air and did a complete somersault, obliterating the boat and launching Campbell’s body to an unknown location. It wasn’t until 2001, 34 years later, that Campbell’s body (minus the skull) was found.

7. Javad Palizbanian

Javad Palizbanian

Palizbanian was once a famous daredevil in Iran, known especially for his dangerous motorcycle stunts, which included jumping a 50-yard-wide river. In August 2005, he decided to ramp up the danger and attempted to break the world record by jumping over as many buses as possible on a motorcycle.

He planned on jumping 22 buses, which would amount to a distance of roughly 209 feet. For comparison, Evel Knievel’s famous bus jump was only 133 feet. Unfortunately, Palizbanian only made it to the 13th bus before crashing into it and dying on impact.

6. Guy Garman

Garman, who also went by the name of Doc Deep, was a physician and scuba diver who was attempting to set the record for deepest recreational scuba dive in 2015. While military dives have reached deeper depths, the deepest recreational dive record is held by Ahmed Gabr, who reached 1,090 feet.

Garman was attempting to reach 1,200. After he never showed up at a rendezvous air station, emergency personnel were deployed and they later found his body and equipment. Speculation arose surrounding the cause of his passing, but the Medical Examiner declared his death to be the result of drowning.

5. Diana Paris

Paris was one of 222 people who jumped from 18,000 feet in an attempt to break the record for largest group to free fall from an airplane and complete two formations before deploying their parachutes. The plan was to jump, come together, separate, and come together again, all before opening the chutes.

They had roughly 70 seconds to complete the task. This wasn’t enough time for Paris. Her parachute malfunctioned, and as she was too close to the ground, her reserve parachute didn’t have enough time to fully open. She was declared dead at the scene.

4. Juan Francisco Guillermo

Juan Francisco Guillermo

Guillermo was a Chilean man who wanted to cycle 155,350 miles, or about 250,000 kilometres, throughout five continents in five years, thus setting a new world record. In a terrible twist of fate, Guillermo was struck by a speeding pickup truck and was instantly killed on the last leg of his journey in 2015.

To make the situation even more tragic, Guillermo was in the bike lane when he was struck AND his wife and 2-year-old son were present during the accident. His wife, fortunately, only suffered a sprain in the incident. The driver was arrested on charges of causing death by dangerous driving.

3. Lowell Bayles

Lowell Bayles was a well-known air race pilot during the Golden Age of Air Racing. He had previously flown up 267 mph in his Gee Bee Model Z, and attempted to break the record for 3 km (or 1.86 miles) landplane speed record in 1931. He made four passes with an average speed of 281 mph before attempting the record again a few days later.

In a “Final Destination”-esque sequence of events, the plane’s fuel cap came loose and flew through the windshield, knocking Bayles out and causing him to pitch the plane into the ground where it exploded into a huge ball of flame.

2. Haris Suleman

17-year-old Haris Suleman had a noble pursuit: he was going to fly around the world with his father to raise money for charity, and he was going to break a world record in the process. He wanted to be the youngest pilot to travel around the world in a single-engine airplane in 30 days.

However, in 2014 their plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean shortly after takeoff on the final leg of their trip, while they were on their way to Hawaii. Despite extensive emergency training, both men tragically passed away in the accident.

1. Sailendra Nath Roy

Sailendra Nath Roy

Roy was attempting to beat his own record when he tragically passed away on April 28, 2013. Two years earlier he had created the bizarre record for farthest distance traveled on a zip wire using hair. He had ziplined about 270 feet using his own looped ponytail.

He was attempting to break this record over the Teesta River when his ponytail became stuck in the wheeler. After trying frantically to free himself, Roy suffered a fatal heart attack while dangling over the river for around 25 minutes, all in the view of spectators and filming cameras.

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Top 10 Most Popular Lamborghini Car Models of All Time


If your car is wicked fast, beautifully designed and one of only a few on the road, chances are it’s a Lamborghini. Welcome to Agency-broker.blogspot.com, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Popular Lamborghini Car Models.

For this list, we’re taking a look at some of the fastest and coolest Lambos ever built.

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10. Gallardo

Gallardo - Greatest Lamborghini Models

The Gallardo is the best-selling Lamborghini of all time – with a total of 14,022 built between 2003-2013. They were so popular that even the Italian police were driving them! Sure, that's mostly because Lamborghini donated two of them to the Italian Polizia di Stato in 2004 in honor of their 152nd anniversary, but they actually were put to use.

Can you imagine being chased down the highway by one of these wicked awesome whips?! With its V10 engine, 6-speed manual transmission and the ability to break the 200 mph mark, the Gallardo is the car every pizza delivery guy wishes he had.

9. Aventador

Introduced in 2011, the Aventador is one of the fastest cars ever built with a top speed of 230 mph, the ability to go 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds and an electronic all-wheel drive system that makes handling a dream.

Power is channeled through a 7-speed semi-automatic, and there's plenty of it as well. The 6.5-liter V12 has 690 horsepower in the corral with 508 lb-ft of torque on tap. A strong seller, and the caretaker of Lambo's first all-new V12 in nearly 50 years, it should come as no surprise that Top Gear magazine named it “Supercar of the Year” in 2011.

8. Murciélago

Murciélago - Greatest Lamborghini Models
Between 2001-10, 4099 Murciélago were built, becoming not only the replacement for the outgoing Diablo, but also Lambo's signature ride. The vehicle is noted for its typical Lamborghini design, which includes sharp edges, sleek styling and an insanely powerful V12 engine.

It was built under the stewardship of Audi after the company was put in control of Lamborghini in 1998, and the new owners continued to ensure that the vehicles being produced were still high quality speedsters that would steal the spotlight everywhere they went. And with a top speed of around 212 mph, the Murciélago clearly wasn’t an exception.

7. Reventón

If you’re cruising down the street in a supercar designed to look like a fighter-plane, chances are it’s a Reventón. Twenty-one of these bad boys were built from 2007-2009, with each being stamped accordingly to ensure owners that what they were purchasing was truly, one of a kind. The 21st car was preserved as a museum piece.

While the car was designed to look like a jet, its name is derived from an infamous 1940s fighting bull that once killed a man in the ring. Clearly the designers had this in mind when putting it together, because the Reventón is a beast – with a top speed of 221 mph.

6. Diablo

Who wouldn't want to hold the reins of the devil's car? The Lamborghini Diablo was one of the 1990s’ most recognizable high performance vehicles. Utilizing the mid-engine design made famous by its predecessors, the Diablo could reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour and looked damn fine while doing it.

While the Diablo went through a number of updates during its 11 year production run, its basic design remained the same – stylish exterior, scissor doors, V12 engine and the ability to make heads turn around the world.

5. Veneno

Veneno - Greatest Lamborghini Models

Built in celebration of Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary, the Veneno is about as limited a car as you can get or not get…because out of the five that were built only three were ever sold; and the ones that did sell went for a staggering $4.5 million each. Based on the Aventador, this beast looks like the love child of Batman’s tumbler and a Decepticon, except it is completely street-legal.

With a top speed of 220 mph, the ability to go 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds and a breaking speed of 60-0 mph in just 98 feet, the Veneno can pull up and be gone in less time than it takes for to pick your jaw up off the ground.

4. Huracán

Why is it that sports cars get awesome names? The Huracán, or Hurricane as you may have already assumed, is one seriously sweet ride. With its 610 horsepower, this puppy can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds. First introduced in 2014, the Huracán overtook the Gallardo as Lamborghini’s most produced vehicle.

That’s not to say you’ll feel like everyone else when driving it. With a top speed of 212 mph, this high performance whip is guaranteed to blow your hair back while simultaneously making you lose control of your bladder. It’s wicked fast, paisano!

3. Sesto Elemento

Sesto Elemento - Greatest Lamborghini Models

With only 20 in existence, the Sesto Elemento is what you would call a limited edition car. The name, which means “Sixth Element” in English, is a reference to the large amounts of carbon fiber used in the creation of the vehicle. From the body down to the suspension, this Lamborghini is almost entirely made of the lightweight substance, meaning its weight is substantially lower than previous supercars.

This translates into the ability to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds! Naturally, the Sesto Elemento will run you a pretty penny. How pretty? Try $3 million – though an online ad reportedly asked for $4.5 million for one of these babies in 2017!

2. Countach

Few sports cars in the history of automotive design have achieved the same level of recognition as this one. With its sharp angles and scissor doors, the Countach appeared to be from another planet. Introduced in 1974, the vehicle immediately made an impression as one of the most bombastic wedge-shaped supercars ever to be produced.

With its enormous 12-cylinder engine, the car is able to reach speeds of up to 185 mph. What’s more, it’s a staple of ‘80s car culture, and omnipresent bedroom art, though most choose to ignore the handful of engineering shortcomings in favor of its unique, cutting edge styling.

1. Miura

Miura - Greatest Lamborghini Models

Lamborghini broke the mold when they introduced the Miura in 1966. Regarded as one of the world’s first supercars, the Miura was a pioneer in the field of high performance automotive manufacturing. The stylish coup made waves for being the first supercar to have a two-seat layout and mid-engine design– which means that the engine rests between the rear and front axles.

This in turn gave the Miura fantastic handling and a top speed of 171 mph. However, what truly sets this car apart is its sleek, rocket-like design. Due to the fact that only 764 were ever built, if you ever happen to come across one, be sure to ask if you can take it for a test drive.